Democratic Candidate’s 5-Year-Old Son Sprawls Out On Airport Tarmac—And We Totally Get It

Like most candidates, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walt Maddox was campaigning with his family before Tuesday’s big election, but his 5-year-old son, Eli, wasn’t having it.

After this tense and brutal election cycle, we are all Eli. 

Eyewitnesses claim Eli is typically well-behaved on the campaign trail, but he sprawled out on the airport tarmac in a defiant act of boredom. After such a long campaign, his family couldn’t help but laugh and wait patiently.

The internet related to Eli’s frustration on a deep level.

One Twitter user diagnosed this as a case of the “jelly legs.”

A couple of parents posted similar pictures of their children.

Sounds like most parents have experienced some version of this protest.

From this angle, it actually looks like Eli was enjoying himself on the airport tarmac.

Once Eli stood up, Maddox tried to bribe his son with Chick-fil-A. Nice!

Let’s give Eli some credit here…he gave his father major publicity the day before the election AND he got Chick-fil-A right afterward? This kid is a little mastermind!

H/T: MashableMontgomery Advertiser