Kenan Thompson Admits Pete Davidson ‘Missed The Mark’ With His Controversial Joke About Wounded Vet Dan Crenshaw

Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson agrees his costar Pete Davidson may have gone too far with a controversial joke he made on SNL over the weekend.

In a segment of “Weekend Update,” Davidson mocked Republican congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, saying he looks like a “hitman in a porno” with his eyepatch. After pausing a moment, Davidson added, “I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war or whatever. Whatever.”

The comment immediately resulted in a wave of backlash, with people accusing Davidson of being disrespectful of Crenshaw’s service and demanding that he apologize.

Here’s the clip:

On Monday, in an interview with Today, SNL veteran Kenan Thompson weighed in on Davidson’s joke, agreeing that it may have been in poor taste, while simultaneously defending his costar’s overall character:

Many commenters felt the joke was insensitive:

And some extended the blame to SNL‘s creator, Lorne Michaels, as well as the show’s producers and other writers:

But others thought the controversy was blown out of proportion:

Though most folks are commenting about Davidson’s humor, this Twitter user remarked about Thompson’s response: 

As for Crenshaw, who lost his eye to an IED while serving in Afghanistan, he said he doesn’t need an apology. According to TMZ, “he wants society to get away from the culture of apology-demanding every time someone misspeaks.”

However, in a video response with Time, Crenshaw stated that although he doesn’t need an apology, he thinks Davidson, “probably should apologize.”

He then suggests that SNL donate a million dollars to veterans’ non-profit organizations:


Some people who didn’t find the joke humorous still defended Davidson’s freedom of speech:

Some admonished Davidson’s insensitivity, but others pointed out that Davidson’s own father lost his life as a firefighter on 9/11:

Some closing thoughts from a veteran:

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