The Rock’s Plea For Americans To Vote Completely Trolls Kevin Hart In The Process ๐Ÿ˜‚

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have a glorious Hollywood bromance that seems to be built on ruthlessly messing with each other. They have a history of trolling one another on social media and we have a history of finding it hilarious. This time is no different. Johnson, who plenty of people have pinned as having a potential future political career, put up a post encouraging people to vote.ย The post is a simple reposting of an older picture of Johnson holding his daughter, with one minor and completely subtle change. Yup, that’s sarcasm.

Johnson wants us to vote, if not for ourselves, then “for our little ones.” When the image of Dwayne holding his daughter was originally posted, he talked about how exhausting and rewarding fatherhood can be. This time, though, something about the picture was a little bit different. Johnson Photoshopped Kevin Hart’s face into it, taking yet another classic swipe at Hart’s relatively diminutive stature.



And it’s certainly not the first time Johnson has joked that Hart is small enough to be his kid.ย 



We don’t know if the post will help people get out and vote, but we can certainly tell you it’s making people laugh. Hard.ย 


So if the current political climate isn’t enough to inspire you to get out there and cast your ballot, maybe tiny baby Kevin Hart lovingly supported by The Rock will be. If not, then we literally have no idea what it’ll take to inspire you because this was amazing.


H/T: Instagram, Mashable