Colorado Democrat Becomes Nation’s First Openly Gay Man To Win Election For Governor ????❤️


Although last night’s midterm election results did not end in a full blue sweep, America did experience quite a Blue Wave.

The Democrats regained control of the House (welcome back, Speaker Pelosi) and a record-breaking number of women, including women of color, are taking a seat in D.C.

Last night was not only an election for Senators and Representatives. It was also a gubernatorial election, and America saw a sweeping of Blue in those races as well.

Kansas elected Laura Kelley, Florida nearly chose a Democratic governor, but many people can not stop talking about Colorado.

That’s right. Colorado just elected the nation’s first openly gay male governor and his name is Jared Polis.

Governor Polis defeated Walker Stapleton in yesterday’s race. He is a five-term congressman whose gubernatorial campaign promised to fight for the Affordable Care Act, renewable energy, and publicly funded preschool and kindergarten.

Polis is also Colorado’s first Jewish governor. He is 43 years old; he and his partner, Marlon Reis, have two children.

When Polis was first elected to Congress in 2008, Reis stayed out of the spotlight because they

“didn’t know if it would somehow negatively affect Jared’s chances of getting elected.”

But during this recent campaign, Polis and Reis did not keep their partnership in the background.

During Colorado Pride, Polis posted pictures with Reis with the caption “Love is Love.”

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Love is love ????️‍????

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Polis also posted on National Coming Out Day saying,

“Coming out is never easy. It takes courage. Whether you’re living proudly and openly, or just beginning your coming-out journey, remember today that there are millions of Americans supporting you and standing with you. #NationalComingOutDay”

After last night’s victory, the new Governor of Colorado posted a photo of him sharing a hug with the new First Man of Colorado.

The internet is still reeling over this historical win.

People are excited about what Polis’ win means for the future of America.

However, while a lot of people have been congratulating Polis for being the first LGBTQ governor, let’s not forget a woman did it first! Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown, who is openly bisexual, was re-elected governor of Oregon in 2016 and again last night!

Congratulations to both governors and their families!

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