Nevada Brothel Owner Who Died Last Month Still Manages To Win His District 🤔

Dennis Hof owned the Moonlite Bunny Ranch as well as other brothels in Nevada where prostitution is legal. Hof’s chosen profession led to a reality TV show on HBO called Cathouse.

From there Hof’s fame led him to seek a political office. Billing himself as a GOP politician in the mold of President Donald Trump, the brothel owner ran for a seat in the Nevada legislature as a Republican candidate.

And he won!

There is a minor issue however with Hof’s upcoming stint in the Nevada Assembly. The business owner died during celebrations for his 72nd birthday on October 16, 2018.

But in a year of historic first in the midterm elections, electing a dead person is not one of them. Other dead candidates won before Hof did it.

Still, people were concerned about a dead legislator headed to Carson City.

People wanted to know how Nevada would deal with a dead legislator.

While the idea of contacting Hof from beyond the grave is entertaining, the answer is more mundane. County officials will appoint a Republican to take his place.

Some felt a dead man winning an election captured the essence of the country in 2018.

While some felt mourning for Hof was unnecessary as he went out doing what he loves.

We all die sometime. We just won’t all get elected a month later.

H/T: NBC News, Twitter