Jack White Responds After Two Women Were Reportedly Stopped From Kissing During Edmonton Concert

Former White Stripes frontman Jack White has been kicking off his Canadian tour in Edmonton. During the concert on November 2, Allyson MacIvor leaned into her girlfriend and gave her a kiss. Suddenly, the pair were interrupted by a venue usher and asked to stop.

MacIvor said:

“I embraced my girlfriend, and some staff member came in between us, and she said, ‘This is not allowed here.'”

She said the usher placed her hand between them:

“It was very violating and invasive. It’s not something I’d ever imagine experiencing, honestly.”

A CBC interview with MacIvor can be seen below.

The usher then escorted the pair to a venue manager. After they explained what happened, the usher was directed back to her post. MacIvor says that the manager apologized and had them fill out an incident report.

The incident got back to Jack White, who dedicated his performance of “Love Interruption” to MacIvor, saying:

MacIvor handled the aftermath of the situation with grace.

People were saddened by what happened.

Others were here for Jack White’s response.

And most voiced their support for MacIvor.

Let’s hope the usher learns something from this incident.

H/T: Twitter, Exclaim