Patton Oswalt’s Response After Someone Tries To Shame Him For Remarrying After His Wife’s Death Is Pure Fire ????

Comedian Patton Oswalt’s life was forever changed after his wife, author Michelle McNamara, unexpectedly passed away in her sleep in September 2016. Oswalt himself described that period of his life as the hardest he’s ever encountered, but through his sadness came a ray of light: the following Spring, he met and fell in love with Meredith Salenger.

Though it’s impossible to replace a lost love, Oswalt and Salenger’s relationship has brought joy back into the comedian’s and his daughter’s lives in a way that was hard to come by in the months following McNamara’s passing. On November 4, Oswalt sent out a tweet celebrating their one-year marriage anniversary and it was too cute to handle:

The only thing more adorable than Oswalt’s post may have been the pictures Salenger sent in response.

But, of course, because this is the internet, some Troll named Michael G. Galli had to pop up in the comments with a hurtful and insensitive comment.




Oswalt screen-captured the comment and called it out in a separate post, putting Galli’s foolishness on display for all the world to see.

People were flabbergasted by Michael’s insensitivity and lined up behind Oswalt.

To anyone who’s ever been in a similar situation, Oswalt’s new relationship makes perfect sense.

Galli got the full Twitter-snark treatment:

Many users began working “get approval from Michael” into their grieving rituals. 

Understanding and love are always the most important things.

Congratulations on re-finding your happiness, Oswalt, and don’t let the Twitter trolls get you down!

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