Someone Keeps Anonymously Sending Unwanted Soup To Their Neighbor—And We Have So Many Questions 🤔

A mysterious “soup daddy” has been sending unwanted soup to their neighbor, and the internet is cracking up at the creepy notes he sends using the Seamless app.

Each order of soup is addressed to “my perfect little soup boy,” which is somewhere between hilarious and terrifying. Comedian and actress Hannah Solow found the post on her neighborhood’s message board and couldn’t resist sharing it on Twitter.

Here’s the soup recipient’s attempt to make it stop:

People can’t decide if they’re jealous or totally afraid.

Most were left wondering…who doesn’t like soup?

“Perfect little soup boy” is quickly becoming a popular/creepy meme on Twitter. 

Solow followed up with the original poster but hasn’t received an update.

There are still SO many questions about “soup daddy” that need answers. Perhaps most pressing…is this a weird prank or some kind of twisted romantic gesture? How much unwanted soup is this person willing to pay for until they’re satisfied? And do they include bread?

We’ll keep you updated if the “perfect little soup boy” speaks further about this freaky story.

H/T: Hannah Solow, Thrillist