Zach Wahls, Whose Impassioned Speech Defending His Lesbian Moms Went Viral, Wins Seat In Iowa Senate ❤️

You may remember this viral clip from 2011 of a young man defending his two mothers before the Iowa House of Representatives. It racked up millions of views and was shared all over the internet, with many praising the young man’s inspirational message and powerful delivery:



Seven years later, that same young man, Zach Wahls, has just won a seat in the Iowa State Senate, defeating his libertarian opponent, Carl Krambeck, with 78% of the vote.

Since going viral, Wahls has become a vocal advocate for many progressive causes, including gun control, affordable health care, and, of course, LGBTQ civil rights. He also co-founded Scouts for Equality, an advocacy group hoping to end discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America.

At 27, Wahls will be one of the youngest people to ever serve in the State Senate. He announced his candidacy last year and won the Democratic primary to replace Sen. Bob Dvorsky (D), who is retiring.

Twitter was overjoyed to see this new face in the government!

Change is happening all over the country…

Wahls’ victory represents a step forward for equality.

After being elected, Wahls issued a statement, saying:

“I hope tonight marks a fresh start for Iowa. We must all come together to bring real reform to our health care system, restore a tradition of excellence to our public education system and raise incomes for Iowa’s working families. It’s time to start thinking about the future of our state again.”

Well done, Iowa! You’ve elected a bright new voice in politics!

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