Image Of Mississippi Man Wearing A Racist Shirt While Voting Angers Twitter—And For Good Reason

Multiple voters at one Mississippi polling location came face to face with blatant racism. A man voting at the Olive Branch location (note the name and its association with making peace, because it’s about to be REALLY ironic that this is the location he chose) strolled in wearing a shirt just smacking of hatefulness. The white t-shirt featured a large Confederate flag across the front. The Confederate flag also had a noose on the front and the phrase “Mississippi Justice.”

The racist and hateful shirt caught people’s attention and the pictures made their way to Facebook and Twitter. As tends to happen — his identity was soon uncovered. The image that hit Twitter clearly showed his face. 


You’re looking at Clayton John Hickey — and we’re about to give you some information about him that makes this even WORSE. Yes, that’s possible. See, Mr. Hickey is a registered nurse. His job, until recently, was caring for patients at Regional One Health. We say “until recently” because Hickey was fired once his employer saw this photo.

Also, they tweeted about the whole process. 


Don’t feel too bad for Mr. Hickey, though. He knows how to deal with getting fired. Hickey is a former police officer who was removed from the force after being found with alcohol and an underaged girl in his vehicle. After it happened, he went into damage control mode. In 2011, Hickey self-published positive articles about himself and his accomplishments (there’s literally one about how he has a black belt and another about how he was employee of the month one time in the year 2000) to try and offset some of the negative press about his firing. Hickey even created a Twitter account devoted to spreading those positive tidbits of information about himself.

Speaking of Twitter, the reactions were pretty intense. 


Believe it or not, there were people rushing to his defense. 




We want your opinions. Was his firing appropriate? How do you feel about his history as a police officer? Do you agree that this was blatantly racist and intimidating or do you think it was “just a t-shirt”?

Let us know!


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