This 21-Year-Old Cosplayer’s Impressive Transformations Into Popular Characters Are Captivating The Internet ????

Ksenia Perova is a 21-year-old Russian cosplayer whose ability to transform herself is downright amazing. Mastering cartoonish proportions using just makeup is really hard. Most of us can’t even get our eyeliner even and Ksenia is over here re-structuring her entire face. What makes it really impressive is that she does it so well that it looks like that’s just her face — until you see a new look and she’s got a whole new face and you’re left wondering if maybe she’s an actual wizard? She does seem drawn to some of the more mystical characters.

As if her talent wasn’t impressive enough, she’s only been at it for a few years. Her very first con was in 2014 — she has less experience than quite a few cosplayers. That talent is absolutely undeniable, though. Here are some examples of times she blew our minds while we feverishly fan-girled our way through her Instagram posts.

Frodo lives! 


Wednesday may not be a great day, but it’s a great look!


Mission Kim-Possible. Mission accomplished. 


We’ve never seen a better Victoria from Corpse Bride. 


But there’s one character Ksenia keeps going back to: Mavis from the Hotel Transylvania series. Ksenia has got that look DOWN. 

Interestingly, even though she features her Mavis looks heavily on her social media, that’s not her favorite look to do. That honor goes to Arya Stark.

And she’s got that Arya Stark glare down to a science:

Ksenia admits Mavis is a much simpler fun look, but playing Arya is really where it’s at for her. Our very favorite thing about Ksenia, though, is where she draws her inspiration from. She wasn’t inspired to get into cosplay by a love of a particular character. Ksenia Perova was inspired to start cosplaying by other cosplayers and fans! She fell in love with the pictures and processes she saw online and decided to give it a shot herself because creating and connecting seemed like a really good time.

We couldn’t agree more. You can follow Ksenia on Instagram.


H/T: Instagram, Bored Panda