Ashton Kutcher Shares Why The Thousand Oaks Shooting Hits Close To Home

Actor Ashton Kutcher had a salient point in the aftermath of the mass shooting that took place at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks California this past Wednesday. Twelve people were killed. Kutcher revealed to us how easily he could have been one of them.

On Thursday he tweeted…

Kutcher’s birthday party was this past February. Among the guests at the party was Ivanka Trump’s brother-in-law, Joshua Kushner.

He went on, directing a specific message at the President’s daughter.

Then, he explained that gun control doesn’t mean guns being taken away entirely.

Before closing by blasting the logical fallacy that mass shootings are only a mental health issue.

Kutcher sparked a major debate.

Others had their own thoughts about gun control.

Ashton Kutcher, an Iowa native, grew up hunting and once worked at a gun club. He makes a salient point that it is possible to protect the second amendment while also passing common sense gun laws. None of this is a zero-sum game. It’s not just a matter of dealing with the mental health crisis as well as mental health stigma. It also has to do with prejudice. Multiple mass shootings in the last ten years, from Charleston, to Pittsburgh, to Orlando, have been motivated by bigotry. Finally, it has everything to do with those who would do harm being able to get their hands on a gun too easily.

H/T: In Style, Twitter