BTS Band Member’s A-Bomb Shirt Causes Japanese TV Appearance Cancellation


K-pop band BTS was recently criticized after its member, Jimin, was seen wearing a t-shirt with a controversial image.

The t-shirt in question pictured a picture of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Along with that was a picture of Korea’s liberation from Japan following WWII.

It read:


Japanese social media erupted after seeing Jimin’s shirt causing the band’s appearance on Japan’s Music Show, scheduled for Friday, to be cancelled.

Universal Music confirmed BTS’ performance cancellation, but said that they will still be supporting the band.

Spokesperson for the company, Shinya Matsuki, apologized to fans who were looking forward to BTS’ appearance on Music Show, but did not comment further on the situation.

Many people feel as though the band was unfairly punished.

The t-shirt was allegedly a gift from a fan and was worn by Jimin over a year ago.

Many people  believe the K-pop band’s cancellation on Japanese TV goes much deeper than just a shirt.

On October 30, South Korea’s supreme court ruled that Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, a Japanese company, must pay 4 South Korean citizens who were forced to work during World War II.

The Korean Peninsula was under Japanese occupation during the war.

According to the ruling, Nippon Steel must pay each plaintiff 100 million won ($88,740). Only one of the 4 plaintiffs is still alive.

However, Japanese officials disagree with the ruling, saying that it violates a 1965 agreement between the two countries.

Due to this recent ruling and the fact that the t-shirt was worn so long ago, people feel like Jimin and BTS are simply a scapegoat for a much larger issue.

BTS is the first K-pop band to win a Billboard Music Award. They also broke Taylor Swift’s record for biggest music video debut.

H/T: AP News, CNN, The Diplomat