An Adorable 100-Year-Old Woman Thought Affectionate Pals Macron And Merkel Were Married

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have been working together to lead the free world in the absence of the United States from the world stage. They’ve been working together so well, in fact, a 100-year-old woman thought they were married.

At a commemorative event for World War I this weekend, a French woman was excited to be meeting her country’s president.

“Mr. Macron, it’s not possible, a little good woman like me to shake hands with the President of the Republic, it’s fantastic.”

After greeting the French leader, the elderly woman addressed Merkel and said:

“You are Madame Macron.”

Merkel explained she is the German Chancellor. The woman didn’t respond but smiled for some cameras alongside the leaders.

People online found the situation adorable. While there were a few disparaging comments made about the age of Macron’s actual wife, most were about how cute it was that the old woman mistook the two leaders’ friendship for marriage.

Some found the mistake humorous.

The event commemorated 100 years since the first World War ended.

As with their speeches, this interaction marked a difference between the perception of foreign world leaders and President Trump.

H/T: Washington Post, FranceInfo