The ‘Don’t Say It’ Meme Perfectly Captures When Your Brain And Your Mouth Don’t See Eye To Eye 😂

The newest meme is all about the many times a day our brains scream at us to keep our mouths shut, but our mouths simply don’t listen. This particular trend references the many scenarios in which we say exactly the wrong thing at exactly the right time.

People are calling it the “Don’t say it” meme and they are hilarious and oh-so-relatable.

The meme begins with a triggering scenario, followed by numerous mantras of “don’t say it,” and ending with the very thing that the writer was biting their tongue to hold back the entire time.

They can range anywhere from social situations to poor life choices. Here are some of the best that are sure to make you groan and remember the time(s) that you shamefully did the same.

Have you ever gotten into a taxi or Uber and become your own worst nightmare? These are for you.

Or how about those many scarring memories of hearing dad jokes as a kid? Remember when you promised yourself that you would never become that person?

Yeah, we all do.

My personal best is when I tell myself that I WILL NOT be that crazy girl. But then I am.

But perhaps the most relatable are the times we try our hardest to adult in the most mature and responsible ways.

Why didn’t we listen when we were told to think before we speak?

H/T: Twitter, Indy100, Mashable