Little League Player Makes Impressive Flying Leap Over Catcher To Steal Home In Viral Video ????

A video that shows a Little League player leaping over a catcher in an attempt to steal home plate has gone viral—and commenters are amazed.

The video is shot from behind home plate and shows the catcher, batter, pitcher, and umpire all reacting as a player comes charging into the camera’s frame and takes a flying leap over the catcher’s head.

The video was reposted by Twitter user Courtney and has received more than 13,000 retweets, 39,000 likes, and 800 comments.

See the jaw-dropping jump for yourself:

Commenters on Twitter were impressed by the feat:

They were thankful to Courtney for posting the video:

Though she admitted she shared it from another site:

Many commenters asked if the player was “safe”:

To which Courtney replied she didn’t know:

This person thought that, from the look of it, that he was safe:

But others, including a former Little League referee, weighed in, and the consensus was that such a move was against the rules:

But, as Courtney said, the jump is pretty amazing in and of itself:

H/T: Twitter