Those Reptar Bars From ‘Rugrats’ Are Officially Hitting Shelves This Holiday Season—And We’re So Thankful ????

Reptar Bars, featured on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats, are making a comeback (as is the show) just in time for the holidays—and ’90s kids are ecstatic.

According to The Daily Meal, the frosting-filled chocolates have been made available in real life in various incarnations since the show’s debut in 1991, most recently last year.

Sold exclusively at the entertainment store FYE during the holiday season, this year’s release comes in two versions: a “Reptar on Ice” bar that forgoes the traditional green frosting for an icy blue one (grab a five-pack of 1.75-ounce bars for $19.99), and the more traditional “Reptar Bar Deluxe,” which makes good on its famous promise to turn your tongue green—just like in the cartoon.

Nostalgic commenters on Twitter were shook:

The deluxe version, which retails for $14.99 for a 6-ounce bar, was inspired by a jingle from the show: 

“A Reptar Bar is chocolate and nuts and caramel and green stuff and-and-and it’s swirled and stirred and rippled and beaten and sweetened until you can’t stop eatin’. The superist! The duperist! The double chocolate scooperist! The meanest. The best! It’s better than the rest! Reptar Bar! Reptar Bar! The candy bar supreme! The candy bar that turns your tongue green!”

Fans of the show can’t wait to get their hands on both kinds:

Just as the dinosaur-shaped bars turn your mouth green, the new holiday icy bars turn it blue:

You can see how choked up people who were kids in the ’90s get when discussing what the bar meant to them when they watched the show in their childhood, and see what it was like for them to actually get to eat one in real life, in this BuzzFeed clip from last year’s Reptar Bar release:

In this commenter’s opinion, the bars are not just for fans of the show:

Christmas lists, people:

Feeling nostalgic? Here’s a clip from Rugrats that features the fan-favorite bars:

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