Video Captures The Tense Scene As People Try To Flee The California Wildfires

A remarkable video taken from a car driving through wildfires in northern California gives a terrifying perspective of the blaze which has seen thousands evacuated.

Wildfires are raging through both ends of the US state, with 31 people reported to have died statewide and 300,000 evacuated.

Forrest Woodcox filmed the footage. It shows the sides of the road engulfed in flames.

Woodcox posted it to Twitter with the caption:

“We almost died in Paradise, California.”

Watch the video here.

People were glad Woodcox and his family made it out.

The fire in the north of the state, known as Camp fire, has been the deadliest and it is there that Forrest’s footage was filmed.

Forrest’s home is one of thousands of buildings destroyed.

Forrest wrote in a request for donations on the site Go Fund Me:

“At 7am this morning my entire town caught on fire. My family lost our house in the matter of minutes, my grandparents have also lost their house & business as well.”

Forrest shared footage of his grandparents’ business after the fire.

Forrest’s Go Fund Me post has so far raised $675 of a $1,000 goal.

People expressed their sympathy for Woodcox’s grandparents.

ABC7 News journalist Laura Anthony shared her own footage from the Camp fire blaze, showing a fire devil, or fire whirl.

Also known as a fire tornado, fire devils are whirlwinds induced by fires and consist of flame or ash.

More than 8,000 firefighters have been battling the three large wildfires burning across nearly 400 square miles of northern and southern California, with out-of-state crews arriving to help.

Overnight fire services have made progress in containing the blaze but they warned that gusty winds predicted for Monday morning could cause “explosive fire behaviour”.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.