Voice Actors Reading A Scene From ‘The Office’ As ‘SpongeBob’ Characters Is More Entertaining Than It Ought To Be ????

The Nerdist series Talkin’ Toons is easily one of the best things happening on the internet right now. The show’s premise is simple: give voice actors a platform to talk about their work, then set them loose re-enacting scenes from films or TV shows — as their animated characters.

The results are absolutely as ridiculous and wonderful as you think they would be. The show has done some seriously fantastic mashups like “Invader Zim Goes Ludicrous Speed In Spaceballs!,” Bart Simpson as Harry Potter, the Tiny Toons cast doing Game of Thrones, and a personal favorite — the Cryptkeeper meets Wizard of Oz.

One episode in particular really has people cracking up, though. Episode 21 delves deep into the Nickelodeon classics and we end up with Spongebob Squarepants/Jimmy Neutron taking on The Office. Mr. Krabs tackles the role of Michael Scott. Dwight’s lines are read as Carl Wheezer, Jimmy Neutron’s neurotic friend.

So these guys: 

Talkin’ Toons/YouTube


Being played by these guys: 

Talkin’ Toons/YouTube


Ready? Click play. 


The video has been watched over 300,000 times. People have left hundreds of comments on the YouTube video and are sharing it all over Twitter. Take a look: 



So why is this particular video so popular? It makes sense if you think of it this way. 


So if you, like most of Twitter, are a fan of Spongebob or The Office, you’re probably going to be playing that video on repeat. We don’t blame you. You can check out some of the other mashups here when you’re ready.

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