New Zealand Newspaper Makes An Embarrassing Typo In Stan Lee Obituary Headline ????

Beloved comic book creator, Stan Lee, died on November 12 at the age of 95 and people have been expressing their sadness in a variety of ways, but one paper in New Zealand got it all wrong.

On the front page, the Gisborne Herald announced the death of Spike Lee at the age of 95. You know, the director of Do The Right Thing and Malcom X. 

Gisborne Herald

People wanted to help out and fix the error. 

For his part, Spike Lee took the flub in stride and post to Instagram condolences for Stan Lee. 

We all make mistakes, right? 

Not everyone was as forgiving. 

Something tells us Stan Lee would be okay with the goof. 

H/T: Fox, IndieWire