‘Real World: San Francisco’ Housemates And Fans Remember The Impact Of Pedro Zamora 24 Years After His Death

For those who were around in the ’90s, the name Pedro Zamora brings up a vast array of emotions. Many remember the young man as a brave face of the AIDS epidemic. Others saw him as a beacon of hope that one can be a fighter and still hold onto compassion. For many, he was half of a romantic love story we watched play out on television.

For a great number of folks, Zamora might have been their only connection to a gay person living with HIV and AIDS. We all gathered around our televisions to watch Zamora’s life unfold as a member of The Real World: San Francisco. Along the way, we got to watch Zamora bravely face judgment, educate young people, and marry the love of his life, Sean Sasser‎.

No one would have known what it was like to share that time with Zamora more than his housemate and friend Judd Winick, who took to Twitter to post a loving tribute for the man who passed away 24 years ago. Sasser, his husband, passed away in 2005.

For many, it was a shock to learn that Sasser had also passed, so Winick added a post honoring them both. 

It was bittersweet to remember the two men and all they gave to the community.

We will never forget you, Pedro and Sean.

H/T: Twitter Moments