Tributes Pour In For Legendary Comic Book Pioneer Stan Lee After His Death At Age 95

How do you say goodbye to a legend?

Stan Lee, the father of the Marvel Universe and co-creator of some of the most iconic characters in media today, died on Monday at the age of 95.

Over his career, the Manhattan-born writer, editor, producer, and publisher created an unrivaled pantheon of modern mythology including the members of The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Black Panther, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Ant-ManDaredevil, and many others.

His work inspired generations of fans, artists, and creators who came out to pay tribute and say goodbye to the legend.

In 1939, Lee began working at Timely Publications, which would later be known as Marvel Comics. Alongside other legends of the comic book world like Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, Lee revolutionized the superhero comic in 1961 beginning with The Fantastic Four.

Unlike traditional superheroes who were paragons of virtue, Lee was known for creating flawed characters who wrestled with day-to-day life as much as they fought supervillains. Despite being Spider-man, for example, Peter Parker still had all the problems of a regular teenager.

Lee’s relatable characters started drawing in older audiences, and comic books were never the same again.

During his almost 80-year career, Lee inspired countless other artists and creators.

The stars of the Marvel Universe took time to say thank you to the man who had changed their lives.

Fans also joined in to mourn and say goodbye.

But it wasn’t all sad as many decided to share their favorite moments from the undeniable king of cameos.

And though Stan is gone, his work and his memory will live on forever through all those he inspired.

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