Unsettling Undercover Footage Goes Inside Gay Conversion Therapy Session—And It’s Insane

Disturbing new footage of gay conversion therapy has been released following an undercover investigation by ITV news

In “one of the world’s biggest churches,” the story begins as an ITV reporter enters a branch of the Winners’ Chapel in Dartford, England. “Winners’ Chapel said it’s aim is to liberate people from every oppression of the devil. That includes homosexuality.”

Wearing a hidden camera, the reporter first meets with Pastor Gbenga Samuel before he is taken to an empty church hall to begin the troubling process of conversion therapy.

As Pastor Samuel explains to the reporter, God did not make him gay. Homosexuality is caused when the devil controls parts of the body but, with faith and prayer, God can fix him.

Samuel then warns the reporter that society will try and trick him into believing homosexuality is okay, comparing acceptance of homosexuality to Nazi propaganda brainwashing soldiers into killing Jews.

“During World War II, how was Hitler able to get boys to gas millions of Jews in the gas chamber,” Samuel asks. “These boys were specially trained in special school where it was played over to them, over and over, during the day and during the night, the propaganda that the Jews are the bad people, and they should be exterminated.”

The reporter is then taken to an empty hall for what Samuel calls “a complete mind reorientation.”

For the next 20 minutes, Samuel hovers over the reporter, praying intensely and speaking in tongues. “Let there be a release! Let the fire come upon him!” Samuel and another pastor shout as they lay their hands on the reporter. The goal is to get the Holy Spirit to enter the reporter and push his homosexuality out.

“His words were along the lines of ‘there’s something inside of you that needs to come out,'” according to one woman ITV interviewed that had undergone the therapy.

The British government estimates that tens of thousands of LGBTQ people have already been offered or experienced the conversion therapy and they are now looking to ban it, but regulating religious behavior isn’t always that simple. Not all pastors share the belief though.

Pastor Paul Bailey denounces the practice and agrees it should be banned.

Bailey told ITV News in an interview:

“Rights come with responsibilities. There are many things we no longer do because we know better. There is clear scripture that says you should beat your children. We ignore that because we recognize that beating children is harmful. This is a harmful practice. Your freedom does not mean you have the freedom to negate and oppress someone who’s different.”

While many are aware that the practice exists, seeing it firsthand was a disturbing experience.

Though some wondered if an undercover investigation was needed to reveal the already open secret of conversion therapy.

Most, however, agreed conversion therapy needs to be stopped.

Probably because the entire practice was flawed from the beginning.

H/T – Twitter, ITV News