These Two Relentless Cats Have Been Trying Sneak Into A Japanese Art Museum For Years 😼

For over two years now, a couple of cats have been repeatedly trying to enter an art museum in Japan—and now they’re internet celebrities.

The Onomichi City Museum of Art, located in Hiroshima, Japan has been refusing entry to a pair of cats—a black one and a ginger—since as early as June 2016.

Now the duo is internet famous with various news outlets writing about them and people posting videos of their failed attempts online.

In this video posted on Twitter—which has received over 48,000 retweets and 131,000 likes—the museum security guard continually blocks them, affectionately petting their heads in the process.

Be sure to watch the video until the end to see one of them actually make it in:

Twitter users clamored for them to be let in:

Commenters supplied arguments for why they should be allowed entry: 

Because the video doesn’t have sound (and since most cats can’t talk):

Hmm … perhaps this is a clue as to why they want in so badly:

Or, perhaps, they’re not interested in the museum at all; maybe all they want is just more affectionate petting from the kind security guard with the soft white gloves:

H/T: Twitter, Reddit