This Viral Video Of A French Bulldog Puppy Carelessly Stumbling Into A Swimming Pool Is Giving Us Life 😂

Puppies have a tendency to do the silliest things, and French bulldog Karma proved she’s no exception, as she accidentally plunged into a swimming pool!

Posting the adorably unfortunate video to Twitter, user @kaylinxrose, aka Kaylin said:

“My sister’s puppy first time visiting the pool went like this…”

The four-month-old puppy belongs to Kaylin’s sister, and was quickly rescued after her unfortunate swimming mishap.

The video has more than 47,000 views on Twitter, and plenty of comments about Karma’s mistake:


Kaylin said:

“What I like the most is the way people are relating it to their situation.”


Many people wanted to know what happened after Karma fell in the pool, and how she’s doing now.

Kaylin said:

“She is doing fine after the fall. My sister’s boyfriend immediately grabbed her out as she did not sink to the bottom quickly.

He then took off his jacket and wrapped her up all the way home!”

She also tweeted:

Karma has her very own Instagram page, where her fans can see more of her cute, clumsy incidents. She’s sure to keep gaining more and more fans!

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.