Dave Grohl Reveals His First Big Purchase Once Nirvana Became Famous—And It Sounds Pretty Great

In September 1991, Nirvana’s iconic album Nevermind dropped into the world and changed our musical landscape forever. Kurt Kobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl ushered in the grunge era and landed a #1 hit single with the rock anthem “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

For the first time in his life, Dave Grohl was hugely famous and incredibly wealthy. What would he do with the money that came with a mega-hit album? Mostly barbeque, as it turns out. He told Variety in a recent interview:

“When Nirvana became popular, the first thing I did is I bought a beach house in North Carolina and spent years up there, and I just ate pulled pork like f**king crazy from the time I was 22 to about 25 years old.”

Over time, his interest in eating scrumptious slow-cooked meats ushered in an interest in their preparation:

“I became totally obsessed [with the Big Green Egg smoker] — it was therapeutic because it’s not an automatically functioning piece of cooking equipment. You have to balance the vents to make sure that you get and hold temperature for a low and slow cook.”

The rock star, worth $280 million, would spend entire days in a trance-like state, preparing his BBQ.

“You’re just basically sitting and staring at these fucking thermometers all day long. For me I couldn’t walk and so I would just sit there for nine or 12 hours at a time just like ‘ohmm,’ watching these temperature gauges — and I started getting good at it.”

Grohl’s tip for seasoning your BBQ pork? Don’t overthink it.

“I think one mistake a lot of people make is that they just over season their stuff. Pork loves salt. Salt loves pork. You get nice salt on a good piece of pork and let the smoke hit it right and then it’s fucking delicious.”

The Foo Fighters frontman has continued to pursue his passion for barbeque in new and exciting ways. He’s sat in for cooking sessions with BBQ master Billy Terrell of The Beached Pig and even went so far as to help serve his food at The Valley Urban Market.

This man knows his meats.

Grohl is even out in California cooking BBQ for the firefighters who’ve been working overtime to stop the out-of-control wildfires:

For many fans, news of Grohl’s passion for BBQ is unexpected, but it only heightens their love for the musician.

Dave Grohl can do no wrong.

Grohl uses his powers of barbeque for good, not evil.

Keep on grillin’, Mr. Grohl! You’ve inspired not only a generation of musicians but a generation of slow-smokers as well.

H/T – BroBible, Variety