John Cena’s New Vodka Commercial Is Next-Level Strange—And People Don’t Know What To Think 😳

Actor and professional wrestler John Cena has been a spokesperson for San Francisco-based Skyy Vodka for a while now. The company’s marketing has, in the past, celebrated their city’s overwhelmingly diversity.

Their ads with Cena are usually something like this:

They exude a general sense of patriotism and casual diversity, intrinsically linking queer people and people of color with the overall patriotic theme.

But his latest ad for Skyy Vodka has people a little bit confused. On Tuesday, Cena tweeted:

The ad features Cena serving up some serious Backstreet Boys in their “I Want It That Way” heyday and singing about the Statue of Liberty.

People were disturbed by it.

Many weren’t quite sure what they thought of it.

And some thought it was straight-up hilarious.

We’re not quite sure what Skyy Vodka is doing here, but we think we like it?

H/T: Independent, YouTube, Twitter