Juliette Lewis Just Posted A Bizarre Instagram Story Asking Britney Spears To Save Us—And We Can’t Stop Watching It ????

Celebs post weird stuff on social media all the time and we’ve been witness to some serious breakdowns. We still don’t know if eyes are eyes thanks to Jayden Smith. Brendon Urie’s entire social media presence is just weird on weird on weird.

And now Juliette Lewis is throwing down in weird-town. Lewis has always been a free spirit and beautifully quirky. It’s part of her charm. She’s also an amazingly talented actress, so it’s possible this is just a very well-acted and not-at-all-troubling thing. But you guys, it’s intense.

Lewis posted a series of videos to Instagram, and the last 15-second clip made its way to Twitter so that people could make this face at each other:

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We know what you’re thinking — how strange could a 15-second video possibly be? And the answer is a lot. A lot strange. A big lot strange. Lewis was sitting in a car jamming to some Britney Spears for all of the videos, but she hit an existential crisis in the last one.

She turned to the camera and wailed:

“Can you save us Britney Spears? Can we be saved? Gaaaaaaaahd, why is Satan controlling the universe!?” 

And then she danced. We’ve explained it to you in words but, trust us, you need to watch the video to truly catch the nuances here.

Volume is a must on this one.

Twitter is weirdly into it. Lewis has apparently given them the moment they never even knew they needed.

People are hailing Lewis screaming “Is Satan controlling the universe?!” as their mood for the year. 

There are some concerns, though. Like, just a few. 

We want to know what you see. Are you watching a woman in control having fun? Or are you witnessing a meltdown? Also, can we get a gift basket for the guy who coined the phrase “Britney Wan Kenobi”? Because that was amazing.

If you’re not already following Lewis’ Instagram, you can do that here.


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