Woman’s Saga Of NYC Restaurant Giving Her Luggage To The Wrong Person Is Every Traveler’s Nightmare 😱

A restaurant in New York City accidentally gave a woman’s luggage to the wrong person, and chaos ensued — for a while.

Late autumn. A casual, but pricey New York City restaurant. A mixup with some luggage. The need to find something to wear, quickly. These are the essential ingredients that go into a tearjerking, heartwarming, ice-cream-binge-worthy romantic comedy.

But for editor Katie Adams, who thought she had everything she needed to attend the National Book Awards only to discover that The Smith, a casual but pricey American brasserie, had accidentally given her luggage containing Adams’ outfit for the event to another customer, it had the makings of a nightmare.

Naturally, she turned to Twitter for help:

And Twitter responded with a plethora of ideas:

And offered some words of encouragement:

Adams appreciated the support and got to work finding a replacement outfit:


But for some Twitter users, such as Sam James, the conundrum was a bit of a head-scratcher:

Along with commenters offering humor to alleviate Adams’ stress, other editors put a call out to locate the missing luggage: 

And just like any good rom-com, this story also had a happy ending, albeit after Adams had already purchased new clothes:

Now, will Adams choose Ben or Ron?

H/T: Twitter, Yelp