The ‘Dog Cheese’ Challenge Is Going Viral As The Most Adorable Snack Game Ever

Social media challenges are often bizarre.

But the newest craze that’s making its rounds on the internet turns out to be delicious, too.

YouTuber Matthew Elias from Ontario, Canada, came up with the hilarious challenge that involves throwing a piece of cheese on your unsuspecting pet and hoping it sticks.

Posting the results of the challenge to Twitter – warning, swearing ahead – Elias said:

“F*** beer pong, we playin dog cheese.”

The hilarious video reached more than two million views and 27,000 retweets since it was uploaded on November 11.

His attempt then sparked a social media challenge, with dozens of aspiring Dog Cheese players stepping up to try it out for themselves.

Some animals took to the game like naturals…

…while some dogs simply looked extremely confused by the cheese attack.

One social media user made things more difficult by aiming the slice from the staircase yards away from their target.

Whether your dog takes to the game or not, the upside is that every player earns a cheesy reward for taking part.

Unfortunately, as one Twitter user found out…

…the challenge doesn’t quite work as effectively with your pet lizard.

Cats and tortillas however…

But cat cheese suffered from poor execution.

Elias took to Twitter to express his shock at how popular the challenge had become, saying:

“Always knew I’d get my 30 seconds of fame some point in my life.”

“Didn’t expect it to be for throwing cheese at a bewildered animal, though.”

If you’re trying this at home, just make sure it’s safe for your pet to eat cheese first.

Then, throw away!

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.