Group Of White Women Wear Hoodies To Prove Tennessee Mall’s Policy Is Discriminatory

Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis Tennessee has found itself getting some serious side-eye from the local community lately. Recently, there have been complaints from young people—predominantly people of color—that they were being harassed by mall security.

In one incident, several young black men were kicked out, treated violently and eventually arrested.

Their crime?

Wearing hoodies. The mall has justified the treatment of the teens by saying there is a hoodie rule, it’s just not posted anywhere.

Since the young men violated the not-posted hoodie rule, their treatment was justified. Interestingly, there was a bystander who recorded this particular incident.

That bystander was not wearing a hoodie. That bystander was also detained for breaking another mall rule—recording what went down.

A group of white women got to talking about how ridiculous the situation was. They could walk around wearing hoodies all day long with no problem, so why can’t young black men?

They knew exactly how they were going to tackle the situation. They decided to do a little test and prove a point.

The four women got together, each wearing a hoodie, and walked through the mall. Nothing. Strange, since that was all the young black men had done; but maybe they could push the issue further.

When simply wearing the hoodies didn’t work, they started putting the hoods up to attract more attention. That worked—sort of. They were eventually approached and politely asked to take down their hoods so that security could clearly see everyone’s faces.

They complied. Then when the guard walked away they waited a while and put them up again.

This went on repeatedly, but at no time were these four women ever threatened or harassed. Nobody called the police, nobody roughed them up, nobody threw swings at them, nobody even went so far as to speak firmly to them.

These four white women committed the exact same “crimes” the young black men did, in blatant view of the same mall security that assaulted the young black men over those crimes… and nada. They then “escalated” those crimes and mall security treated them with complete respect.

Same “crime”, same location, same rules broken, same security, but a completely different outcome. What was different?

The “criminals” in question were white women and not black men.

The foursome posted about their experiment on Facebook. 

We four white women walked more than a mile through the Wolfchase Galleria wearing our hoodies and our privilege, just…

Posted by Shannon Arthur on Saturday, November 10, 2018


People aren’t exactly surprised at the results, but that doesn’t mean they’re okay with them. If the mall has rules about hoodies, they should be enforced the same way across the board.

White women wearing hoodies get warnings, but black men wearing hoodies get physically manhandled and arrested? The disparity was blatant and people are not here for it.

They are totally here for these women understanding their place of privilege and doing something positive with it. 

The mall has declined to comment on what happened or why their policy was so selectively enforced.

There is no word yet on whether the young men will take any legal action, but people seem to think that if it happens, these four white women may be called up to testify or their “test” may be used to show the unequal way this unwritten policy was enforced.

H/T: The Root, Twitter, Facebook