New Study Determines Whether Women Find Men With Facial Hair More Or Less Attractive

Facial hair is in right now, from the revival of the handlebar mustache to the lumberjack beard. It’s so in style, in fact, that the Journal of Evolutionary Biology decided to do a study of women who are attracted to men to find out just how attractive they find facial hair. They asked 8,500 women to rate men on an attractiveness scale when they were clean-shaven, five days since their last shave, ten days since their last shave, and finally, one month since their last shave.


Every single woman interviewed preferred men with facial hair. The highest general rating was for heavy stubble, followed by a full beard, then followed by light stubble, with clean-shaven coming in dead last. They even broke down the results by what kind of relationship the women interviewed were seeking. Light stubble was preferred for those seeking something short term, while beards were preferred by those seeking something long term.

The study mused on a particular theory as to why this is true.

“Beards may be more attractive to women when considering long-term than short-term relationships as they indicate a male’s ability to successfully compete socially with other males for resources.”

Though Twitter seemed to disagree with the study’s findings.

But some were a little more ambivalent.

But mostly, people were giving facial hair a hard pass.

Though plenty of men wanted to take solace in the results.

Looks like the beard battle is far from over.

H/T: Independent, Journal of Evolutionary Biology