The Internet Reacts To Oxford Dictionary‘s Word Of The Year

Oxford Dictionaries has released their Word of the Year 2018:


The famous dictionary claims that the word’s definition has expanded beyond its traditional use. Toxic in the original sense referred to things that were poisonous, such as toxic chemicals.

According to Oxford, toxic has now “taken off into the realm of metaphor.”

People now frequently use “toxic” to describe harmful behaviors in both the workplace, relationships and politics.

Oxford Dictionaries posted this illuminating video breaking down their decision.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, toxic evolved from a Greek word used to describe poisonous arrows.

In modern-day usage, the term is gaining popularity as a way to describe the political environment in Washington and abusive behaviors in the workplace highlighted by the #MeToo movement. People also use it to describe personal relationships with family, friends or significant others.

Twitter seemed to agree “toxic” was an appropriate choice to describe 2018.

Britney Spears fans were reminded of a certain song…

Some people suggested alternative Words of the Year.

Words on the shortlist for 2018 included Gaslighting, Incel and Big Dick Energy.

Based on all the political and cultural drama we’ve been through this year, it’s no surprise most of the words are foreboding and negative.

But at least Big Dick Energy is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

H/T: Oxford Dictionaries, The Independent