David Arquette Just Took Part In A ‘Death Match’ Fight—And It Did Not Go Well For Him ????

Actor David Arquette recently fought in a ‘Death Match’ style fight at a bar in Los Angeles, resulting in him bleeding profusely and looking pretty ridiculous. Fans feared for the actor after images of him bloodied and beaten hit the internet, but Arquette claims he’s fine after getting “stitched up.”

Here’s Arquette looking confident before his brutal beatdown. 

‘Death Match’ is a specific style of wrestling that involves violent stunts and feats of endurance from the combatants. It’s kind of like that scene from The Wrestler where Mickey Rourke takes several folding chairs to the face.

David Arquette took plenty of punishment Friday night, and gushed blood after a serious cut from a fluorescent tube that was smashed over his head.

The internet reacted with shock, horror, and ultimately respect for Arquette’s hardcore endurance.

After being rushed to the hospital, Arquette tweeted that perhaps Death Matches aren’t for him.

He also thanked fans and showed off a bloody tattoo. Gnarly!

If you can stomach it, check out a few clips of his brutal injuries against pro-wrestler Nick Gage.

Someone posted this epic slow-motion .gif of Arquette getting smashed over two chairs.

At least one person felt ripped-off by the outcome of the so-called ‘Death Match.’

Arquette is best-known for starring in the Scream film series, but it’s cool to see him branching out.

Look at this guy! He’s out there living his best life while getting beaten to a pulp. 

All jokes aside, people are pumped-up for David Arquette’s new career in wrestling.

Speaking with TMZ after the fight, Arquette confirmed that he wouldn’t consider a rematch of the bloody battle. But he also said he’s “never been a spectator in life,” hinting at more wrestling performances in the future.

We’re in your corner, David. Just stay away from the fluorescent tubes next time.

H/T: TMZ, Vulture