Minnesota Chipotle Manager Fired After Telling Customers They Have To Pay First Before Ordering In Viral Video

In what looks to be another bout of internet justice, a manager at the popular food chain, Chipotle, was fired after telling some customers they had to pay before ordering.

Video of the incident was taken by one of the diners and uploaded to Twitter with a tag to the Chipotle corporate Twitter account.

The video shows the manager telling the group of African-American men that they had to pay in advance, because they “never have money when [they] come in here.” The group is upset when another customer who happens to be white, orders normally and pays at the register.

This looks to be a clear cut case of discrimination.

The Twitter user continued with other videos showing the staff backing the manager and telling the customer he had to pay first. Twitter was very much on his side, with many calling for the manager and the workers to be fired.

Which Chipotle did, according to this tweet.

However, some people started combing the uploader’s timeline and found some tweets that make this a murkier situation than expected.

There are tweets dating back as far as three years and as recently as a few months ago, where Masud Ali brags about taking food from Chipotle without paying for it.

People were ready to call him out.

However, instead of vindicating the manager, for some it sparked debate.

Was it right for the manager to treat him differently? Wouldn’t the order process for Chipotle prevent the customers from dine and dashing?

Should Chipotle have fired the manager? Add in that the manager thought the men looked like a group who couldn’t pay from earlier in the week, and no one knows what to think.

No one can seem to definitively answer these questions.

Chipotle says it’s been made aware of these extenuating circumstances and is researching the incident further.

H/T: ABC 7, Twitter