Joe Biden Just Adopted The Cutest Rescue Dog—And The Pictures Of The Two Together Are Adorable ????

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his family have been fostering a dog from the local shelter for the past several months.

However, after spending some time with Major, the Bidens realized the pup was too much a part of their family to let go.

In a series of pictures released by the Humane Society, Joe shows off the newest member of the Biden clan!

As a foster family, the Bidens certainly failed, but as a forever-family, they came in first place.

You’ll be hard pressed to find photos more adorable than these…








Twitter thought Major and Biden were a perfect match.

The news of Biden’s new pup lifted many spirits who needed a boost.

Hopefully, the Bidens will inspire other families to rescue their dogs from shelters.

The internet felt like it’d seen Major’s face somewhere before…

It’s only a matter of time…

Congratulations on the newest Biden, Mr. Vice President! May he make you as happy as you’ve already made him.

H/T – Twitter, Buzzfeed