Little Girl Has Rare Genetic Condition Called Uncombable Hair Syndrome—And We’re Not Making It Up ????

Some people with thick and curly hair called their manes “uncombable,” but there is a genetic condition called “uncombable hair syndrome.” It’s been documented in only 100 people across the globe.

The condition is caused by inheriting not one but two copies of a certain gene mutation from a child’s parents. The result is a hair shaft that’s heart or kidney-shaped rather than cylindrical. This means that no matter what, the hair will have the look of flyaways and will never lay flat.

Taylor McGowan is one of the 100 documented cases.

Her mother, Cara, told Buzzfeed News:

“Her hair looks amazing, like she’s a mini Albert Einstein. It stands completely on end.”

She went on to explain that her daughter’s hair is practically impossible to tame. Even when she tries to put it in a ponytail, it just stands on end. Uncombable hair syndrome also means that Taylor’s hair is extremely prone to damage, so her parents try to let it do its natural thing.

Cara first noticed that Taylor’s hair was a little different when she was just a baby.

“It was a little unique, it was fuzzy, and we expected that it would eventually fall out. That never happened.”

A family member came across photos of a child with uncombable hair syndrome and suggested Taylor might have it.

“We essentially laughed it off. We thought there is no way that our child could possibly have this ultra, ultra-rare condition that only affects 100 people worldwide. And we were completely wrong.”

Cara and her husband got tested to see if they carried the gene mutation, and also tested Taylor. Lo and behold, uncombable hair syndrome is exactly what she had. Some outgrow the condition, and some have it for the rest of their lives.

In the meantime, the McGowan family has launched a Facebook page for Taylor titled BabyEinstein 2.0.

There we can get all of the cuteness overload our hearts desire.

And, of course, this comparison photo between Taylor and her fan page namesake.

People offered words of encouragement.

And someone made a good point about how our culture views hair.

It is worth noting that uncombable hair syndrome is different than a person of color wearing their natural curls. Because of the genetic mutation, Taylor’s hair is prone to breakage and extremely sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, traditional ways of styling it are not necessarily viable for her. But the point still stands that we should celebrate her difference.

H/T: Buzzfeed News, Twitter