Mark Hamill Reveals His Pitch About A ‘Star Wars’ Character That Was Promptly Rejected By George Lucas

The revival of the Star Wars franchise has meant a revival of interest in the original stars, Mark Hamill, the late Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford. Hamill has become somewhat of a Twitter celebrity, taking to the platform like a fish to water. There, he has connected with fans, regaled us with tales of shooting the original films, and teased us all with theories about the new ones.

Last Thursday, Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast tweeted…

And Mark Hamill jumped in to confirm this behind the scenes story.

Then, he tweeted about it again on his personal page.

Some took this as an opening to put forth their theories on the recent Star Wars trilogy.

Others imagined how Boba Fett as Skywalker’s mother would have gone down.

Though many were supportive.

Having “I am your father” preempted with “I am your mother” might have have taken some of the punch out of the Vader twist.

H/T: Twitter, Huffington Post