Someone Left An Infuriating Note On A Police Car While They Were Attending A ‘Life Or Death Situation’ ????

A resident put an angry note on a police car while officers attended to a “potentially life or death situation” involving a distressed neighbor.

Surrey Police posted the note on Facebook, revealing that, when confronted by the officers, the person who wrote the note told them: “I don’t care, it’s not my emergency.”

The incident occured as police attended an address in Horley following a report that a resident was being assaulted while a child was present at the property.

Reigate and Banstead Beat (Surrey Police) posted on Facebook:

“Another heartfelt apology to the resident in #Horley who thought it would be helpful to tell us where we can and can’t park.

“Unfortunately the officers parked in a residents bay in a rush to get into an address where reports of a distressed resident potentially being beaten up with a child in an address was called in.

“When the officers finished at the address and spoke to the person who put the note on their car, they explained they were responding to an emergency, the response was “I DON’T CARE ITS NOT MY EMERGENCY”.

“We apologize for our inconsiderate parking during a potentially life or death situation and we will try and be more aware next time. #SorryNotSorry”

The post has received hundreds of supporting comments from members of the public, including Eileen McLaughlin, who wrote:

“Unfortunately there are people who have no respect for emergency services doing their jobs!

“No doubt they will also be the ones who expect emergency services to come out when they want help!”

Many people agreed with McLaughlin:

In the midst of all the supportive comments, there were one or two people who don’t understand why this is wrong:

However, most didn’t take a “me, me, me approach” to the incident, to quote this commenter:

Some teased the note writers:


Hopefully these note writers will think twice before they disrespect policemen again.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.