The Hunt Is On To Find The Owner Of A Lost Pigeon Found Wearing A Blinged-Out Vest 😮

Somewhere out there, there’s a very fancy pigeon owner worried half to death over the whereabouts of their most glammed-up pigeon. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry: the bird is safe and sound at a sanctuary in Arizona.

On November 11, Fallen Feathers in Glendale, Arizona, posted a picture of a pigeon they had found. The pigeon was totally ordinary except for its perfectly tailored rhinestone vest.

Looking for the owner of a lost pigeon that was turned in today. The bird was wearing the flight suit with rhinestones. If you know the owner we have your friend here waiting

Posted by Fallen Feathers on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fallen Feathers director Jody Kieran described the bird to AZ Central:

“He’s very friendly and fits on your finger.” 

Watch channels 3, 5, 10 & 15 tonight. They are all trying to help our lost pigeon get home for the holidays

Posted by Fallen Feathers on Friday, November 16, 2018

Now, the hunt is on to try and track down the owner of this well-dressed bird. If he isn’t claimed in a month, he’ll be put up for adoption.

Releasing the bird back into the wild doesn’t seem like an option in this case. Kieran says the pet has developed a notable fondness for human culture, especially Western movies:

“They’re really very tame and they’re actually really smart. This was a bird that was well loved.”

Twitter spread to word to try and get the pigeon and its rhinestones back to its forever-home.

Whoever this pigeon belongs to had better claim it quick! No doubt the pet will be adopted ASAP if made available to the public—who wouldn’t want a bird who knows how to accessorize?!

H/T – Mashable, KSLA 12