Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has A Genius Idea Of Swapping Out A Holiday To Give Americans Election Day Off

In her first few days as Representative-elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has already made some waves. Now she’s proposing a major change to the federal calendar.

Columbus Day has long been a source of contention for many Americans.

Among other things, Christopher Columbus never set foot in the United States. Columbus kidnapped, enslaved, raped and slaughtered at least 7 million people in one of the largest genocides in human history. Columbus also introduced some thirty diseases to indigenous peoples that swept across all of the Americas, effectively committing a second genocide by biological warfare.

Ocasio-Cortez initially tweeted a question:

The backlash was petty and predictable:

But Ocasio-Cortez’s response was perfect.

Ocasio-Cortez would eliminate Columbus Day and replace it with “Democracy Day,” requiring places of employment to give employees a day off for elections so they could go and vote.

People were on board with this plan.

This addresses the problems of both Columbus Day and U.S. workers, who receive the least benefits in the job market of any developed country.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest Congresswoman ever elected. As such, she represents a generation that is underrepresented in politics: millennials.

Ocasio-Cortez represents the dreams of many millennials in the country.

Let’s see this millennial dream through to the end.

H/T: Upworthy, Business Insider