Black Veteran Gets Cops Called On Him By ‘Scared’ Yogurt Shop Employees For Literally Doing His Job ????

Here we go again. An innocent black veteran working as a court-appointed visitation supervisor had the police called on him for no good reason at a frozen yogurt shop in Kirkland, Washington.

U.S. Air Force veteran Byron Ragland was simply doing his job overseeing the visitation of a mother and her son when Menchie’s frozen yogurt called the police on him for being “suspicious.”

This is disgusting. Thankfully, nobody was hurt or arrested after the police arrived.

Ragland described himself as a “fly on the wall” while overseeing the visitation, and was completely shocked when two police officers approached and asked him to leave. Apparently, Menchie’s staff was frightened of Ragland for not ordering any frozen yogurt and sitting in a corner silently.

The internet is sick and tired of innocent black folks having the police called on them.

After hearing the 911 call, you’ll realize just how absurd their complaint against Ragland was.

People are starting to boycott Menchies over this appalling display of racism. 

The Kirkland Police Department apologized after the public backlash.

Facing horrible discrimination, Byron Ragland remained cool and calm, making sure not to escalate the situation. We commend Ragland for staying safe during the incident and later speaking out against the injustice he experienced.

It’s a sad reality that his safety was jeopardized for sitting in a frozen yogurt shop while doing his job. Not cool, Menchies!

H/T: Seattle Times, Upworthy