Mall Apologizes For Display That Looks An Awful Lot Like Two Polar Bears Having Anal Sex 😳

Tynwald Mills shopping center is a mall with nothing too special about it. It’s not the biggest mall; it doesn’t have a giant theme park in the center; if it hadn’t been for an unfortunate holiday display, you likely never would have heard of it. Luckily for us, an unfortunate holiday display totally happened.

According to Tynwald Mills, the bears in this display were not originally set up in this position. They claim a customer must have “surreptitiously rearranged” the bears and nobody who works at the mall noticed it. We’re not saying that sounds like an unlikely story but…um…anyway. The display in question features two adult polar bears, one standing on two legs and one on all fours. There are also baby bears, some snow-covered trees, a couple penguins, and a solid cameo by a brown bear from a nearby smaller display.

In any event, the bears ended up like this: 








Two bears going at it with a third bear watching? Truly a holiday classic. Twitter laughed. HARD. 

Background Bear was a total hit. 

The mall eventually figured it out and rearranged the setup. They posted an apology on social media, and really, the apology just makes the whole thing better.


We will let you know if any more “customers” decide to move things around. If you’d like to read more or argue about whether or not polar bears can be gay (spoiler alert: science says yes!), head on over to Twitter.

H/T: Twitter, Pink News