Mother Who Used To Eat Seven Candy Bars A Day Completely Transforms After Losing Over 100 Lbs

An obese woman who was so addicted to Dairy Milk bars that she scoffed  SEVEN a day for eight years—even eating them secretly in the bath—feels like a “yummy mummy” after losing 112 pounds and becoming a weight loss consultant.

A size 22, weighing 257 pounds at her worst, 5ft 5ins Laura Sayers splurged a whopping $6,876.44 on her favorite chocolate—fixing on it “like a drug addict”—and never going for more than five waking hours without munching on at least one 45g, 240 calorie bar.

Panicking if she did not have a stash in her handbag, Laura, 33, of Poole, Dorset, England, finally vowed to conquer her dependency at her beloved aunt,  nurse Julie Fernee’s funeral in January 2017.

Laura looks transformed (PA Real Life/Cambridge Weight Plan/Stewart Williams)

After her “second mum” died from an unexplained health problem, she realised her growing bulk was putting her own life  in danger and she did not want to leave her own daughters—Caitlin, eleven, and Kimberley, eight—without a mum.

Now a svelte size eight, after losing 114 pounds—more than 11-year-old Caitlin weighs—Laura, whose husband, Duncan Sayers, 37, is a marine upholsterer, beamed:

“I wanted to be a yummy mummy at the school gates, not overweight.”

“I look at the size Caitlin is now and I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost. I used to eat in secret, in my bedroom or in the bathroom, where no one could see or judge me. It was like being an alcoholic or a drug-addict, but my substance of choice was with chocolate.”

Laura at her largest, with husband Duncan (Collect/PA Real Life)

Her pregnancy with Caitlin triggered Laura’s full blown addiction to sugar,  consuming 1,680 calories—nearly the entire recommended 2,000 calorie daily allowance for women—in Dairy Milk bars alone every day.

Having her first bar at breakfast, a few hours later, she would chomp down another with a cup of tea, before having a sandwich, chips and another Dairy Milk for lunch and two more in the afternoon, home alone in the house.

And her final fix would be enjoyed during a long, hot soak in the bath in the evening, after a take out or microwaveable meal for dinner.

Laura looks transformed (PA Real Life/Cambridge Weight Plan/Stewart Williams)

She admitted:

“It was a proper addiction. I’d feel panicked if I didn’t have at least one bar in my bag at all times.”

“I couldn’t go more than five hours without eating  one and if I needed more chocolate I would go to different shops, or vary my check-out assistants to buy them, as I didn’t want to deal with the shame of being seen getting more.”

And while her waistline grew, her bank balance shrank—with her spending $2.56 a day on multi-packs of the confectionery—meaning she spent a staggering $6876.44 over eight years.

Laura at her largest (Collect/PA Real Life)

She said:

“I’d hide the wrappers in different bins and do all I could to conceal what I was doing to myself.”

“I didn’t notice at the time how much I was splashing out, but now, adding it up, I can’t help but think of all the things I could have bought with that money.”

“But in my head, I needed that snack to get me through the day, it was my fix.”

Throughout this time, Laura tried different diets to try to slim down her size 22 body, but nothing worked, and she kept returning to her trusty friend, the Dairy Milk bar.

Laura had not always been big, though, even describing herself as a slim teenager.

She recalled:

“I was the envy of all my friends, as I could eat anything without gaining a single pound.”

Laura looks transformed (PA Real Life/Cambridge Weight Plan/Stewart Williams)

She first started eating her feelings when, after meeting husband Duncan, after going out with his brother, in 2005, she went on to have three miscarriages.

She admitted:

“I fell into a massive depression and turned to sugar.”

“I’d eat if I was feeling happy, I’d eat if I was feeling sad. It was all the classics, like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or my beloved Dairy Milk bars—anything I could get my hands on and my weight piled on.”

Laura at her largest (Collect/PA Real Life)

Ironically, it was during the successful pregnancy she had longed for with Caitlin, however, that she more than “ate for two” and her chocolate addiction spiralled out of control.

She admitted:

“I experienced  a lot of sickness with Caitlin, so it really helped me at the start to deal with that, but then I became addicted.”

“During my pregnancy and for the eight years afterwards, I wouldn’t really eat meals, I’d just snack constantly.”

Spending $2.56 a day on multi-packs:

  • = $17.91 a week
  • = $71.63 a month
  • = $859.56 a year
  • = $6,876.44 over eight years

Tragically, it took her Aunt Julie’s death to bring her to her senses, when, by then squeezing into a size 22, she struggled to find an outfit for the funeral.

Sat in the service, Laura started to have visions of her own death in six years’ time, because of her excessive weight.

Devastated at the thought of leaving her daughters motherless and determined to finally win her battle of the bulge, she joined weight loss company Cambridge Weight Plan two weeks later.

Enjoying her final binge on a family size Dairy Milk bar, before switching to the diet plan’s smoothies, soups, shakes and snacks, Laura has never looked back.

Laura at her largest (Collect/PA Real Life)

She lost an incredible 98 pounds e in the first seven months, and was a svelte size eight by the time she proudly took Caitlin to her first day at high school in September this year.

Now weighing 143 pounds after losing the 114 pounds—14 pounds more than daughter Caitlin weighs—she said:

“I feel absolutely amazing and cannot believe I have lost more than my daughter weighs.”

“I look in the mirror and sometimes don’t even recognise myself. The girls think their mummy looks great, too, and Duncan has even lost a little bit of weight by supporting me on the Cambridge Weight Plan. ”

Laura and daughters Kimberley, left, and Caitlin, right (Collect/PA Real Life)

Now a consultant for the program, Laura, formerly a stay-at-home-mom, feels fantastic at the school gates.

She added:

“Caitlin had been picked on for my size before, so I decided I didn’t want her getting to high school and to be bullied for having a fat mum.”

“In my size eight skinny jeans, luckily, there’s no chance of that now.”

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.