People Are Sharing The Song Lyrics That Definitely Never Happened—And We Wholeheartedly Agree 😂

We’re really big fans of Scooby-Doo around here. If you’re not, maybe you don’t know that music plays a huge role in the show. There is a band called the Hex Girls, comprising three “wiccan witches.” The band has seen various incarnations through the show, but they’ve got a few songs that are honestly total jams. There’s “I’m A Hex Girl.” Daphne joined the band once and sang a song called “Trap of Love.” Their big hit is a song about how much they love the earth and the elements, etc. It’s called “Earth, Wind, Fire and Air”

Yeah, that’s the same element twice and totally ignores that water is a thing. There’s absolutely zero way any of their environment-loving honor-the-elements lyrics ever happened if three wiccans can’t even remember that water is an element. The Charmed ones would never do us like that if THEY formed a band; just sayin’.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills asked his Twitter followers about song lyrics that never happened, and that was our first thought. Sure, he probably wasn’t referring to songs by fictional animated bands, but that line has bothered us for decades. DECADES. We’re not the only ones with lyrics that rub us the wrong way, though.

Here’s his original tweet. 

His followers chimed in with more than a thousand responses. People have apparently been mad about lyrics for AGES.

While all of that is hilarious, the real gift that came of this thread is the sheer number of misheard lyrics. Some of them were simple, like people who didn’t know the lyric was “Like *I* blister in the sun” not “like *a* blister in the sun.” One, though, turned Adele into a horrific murderer.

We give you… Lorraine. 

Have another listen. The whole song is different and downright horrifying now. We love it.


H/T: Twitter, YouTube