The Cast Of ‘Scrubs’ Just Had A Reunion—And The Nostalgia Is In Full Force 😍

Scrubs, the early 2000s sitcom that followed the daily lives and struggles of a group of young doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital, is often remembered as an underrated gem from creator Bill Lawrence that launched the careers of stars like Zach Braff. Since it went off the air in 2010, fans have held the show in higher and higher regard for its melding of slapstick comedy and heart-wrenching pathos.

Perhaps that’s why Vulture knew it would be a good idea to bring in the cast for the first Scrubs Reunion at Vulture Festival.

Braff, who played J.D., got fans excited long before the actual event by tweeting pictures of himself with former castmates.

Fans who couldn’t make it to the festival were overjoyed to see Vulture would be streaming the entire reunion — free!

For longtime fans of the show, there were definitely some unforgettable moments:

Perhaps the biggest moment came later in the evening when Braff seemed to tease the possibility of a new season of the show!

One fan pointed out that the last season was so different (and, in many people’s opinion, worse) than the others that they often pretend it didn’t exist. 

But series creator Bill Lawrence was on board…

The evening turned out to be a delight for everyone involved.

Maybe it’s time to binge all nine seasons again? I think so.

H/T – Buzzfeed, E! Online