Apparently Brits And Americans Pronounce Blink-182 Differently—And The War Is On

While their history has been intertwined from the start, the US and Great Britain have long been divided on some of the most important issues. Do you drive on the left or right side of the street? Is it chips or fries? Do you pronounce it “Blink-182” or “Blink-1-8-2?”

No, we’re not making up that last one. In a recent tweet, The Late Late Show writer, Ian Karmel, posted about how the British people he knew pronounced the American rock band’s name as Blink ‘One-Eight-Two’, thereby upsetting the natural order of the known universe.

Like some kind of madmen, responders had to be instructed in how to say the band’s name, Blink “One-Eighty-Two”.

This ignited debate on all manner of America Vs Britain topics.

But at the forefront of everyone’s mind was the proper pronunciation of Blink-182.

And then we have the absolute monsters.

If you thought the band weighing in on the matter themselves would solve it, you obviously don’t know them very well.

The band (with Matt Skiba replacing Tom DeLonge) have been experiencing something of a resurgence the past few years. They released a new album called California in 2016 after their previous hiatus ender Neighborhoods in 2011. They are currently at work on a new album, which will be their eighth studio release.

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