Chrissy Teigen Asked Michael B. Jordan If He’s Ever Hooked Up Via DMs—And He Totally Owned Up To It

Michael B. Jordan is one of Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities right now. He’s made major waves as a model, even bigger moves as an actor, and has left people with an incredible impression with his activism, social work, and how close he is with his fans. Thanks to Chrissy Teigen, we know that even with all of that going on, he’s much more of a “regular” dude than we thought. Sure, he has his celebrity circles and his glamorous Hollywood parties, but he’s not above sliding into someone’s DMs if he wants to get to know them.

Michael and Chrissy were both guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when they started talking about relationships and why he’s still single. He said he had no time to date properly, but the women weren’t buying that excuse. As Ellen tried to get to the bottom of it, Chrissy blurted out the question — and followed up by reassuring everyone she wasn’t asking for herself but for her assistant, who happened to have a thing for him. That led to a conversation about tennis phenom Naomi Osaka and how she also had a thing for Michael.

It’s three and a half minutes worth of giggles, blushing, and abs.

Now that Michael has admitted that connecting via DMs is a possibility (however rare), you can bet Twitter is collectively losing its mind.

Ellen posted a snippet from the interview.

…aaaaaaaaaaand away we go!

Truly, the use of GIFs was a thing of beauty.

We’re not going to tell you that if you slide into his DMs you’re going to end up on his arm. All we’re saying is that he hasn’t ruled out that possibility and that’s a beautiful thing. The only thing we can guarantee at this point is that there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD his inbox is empty after this interview. Would you ever reach out to a celebrity via direct message to try and hook up? Sound off in the comments!

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