Orlando Children’s Hospital Patient Lights Up Police Cars Using ‘Magic’—And It’s Adorable ❤️

A young girl got to experience a little magic.

She helped to light up police cars outside a hospital in Florida!

At a Goodnight Lights event at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, police guided her along a row of patrol cars.

Each lit up as she tapped them with her magic wand.

Watch video here.

The magic moment happened at an event in which Orlando Police link up with the children’s hospital to put “smiles on the faces of kids”.

At Goodnight Lights, officers line up their cars outside the hospital, lighting up the vehicles and waving to the kids inside the building.

In response, the youngsters flash lights from their rooms or turn their lights on and off.

People loved the Goodnight Lights event.

They even earned a shout out from the Fire Department!

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.