These Comics About The Moments We All Experience While Showering Are Too Accurate 😂

Showering is one of the most definitive parts of a day. Most people shower every day (or almost every day,) which means we spend approximately 1% of our entire lives in the shower.

The Twitter account “just shower thoughts” was created to bring us all together under the mutual experience of brainstorming in the shower.

But artist Chaz Hutton wanted a different angle to the shower experience:

So he created some shower scenarios, starting with the simplest:

And moving to a more confusing situation:

And then something we can all relate to:

Romantic mishaps:

Have you ever pretended you were in a movie shower scene?


L’esprit de l’escalier:

Something all too real for the current state of the USA:

Is it un-adult to do this?:

And how we end up ruining our own floors:

People can relate.

They can relate hard.

Even on the things we don’t really like to admit.

Why are shower experiences so completely universal?

H/T: BoredPanda, Twitter